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14 February 17 - Happy with your bouncy castle? please leave us a review

We would love to hear about your experience with Mad Bouncy Castles? There is no better feeling when a customers says the bouncy castle was a success.

Reviews help alot, it's the best and easiest way to spread the word for new and old company's, people trust reviews, and love to read them, as it let's them know what to expect when using the company. Bouncy castle company's get a bad press, for being unreliable, not answering the phone, not turning up, or just canceling for no reason, which really angers me, as I don't understand how company's can operate like this, especially when bouncy castles are mainly hired for special occasions, such as birthday parties, weddings, fun days, and so on, the bouncy castle is usually the main entertainment. How can theses company's let customers down, and ruin the day? The main reason is, they run there bouncy castle company as a part time job to earn some extra dosh at the weekends, so they are not usually to bothered if they let you down. Here at Mad Bouncy Castles, bouncy castle hire is our livelihood, and our number one aim is to make our customers happy, we always try and do everything to make it at least stressful as possible, I can try explain what we do over and over, but it can be really difficult unless you have hired a bouncy castle from us before. This is why we are asking customers to help us out, and leave us a review to show new customers what we are all about.

  1. How was your experience booking with us?
  2. Was we easily contactable?
  3. Did we turn up on time?
  4. Was you happy with the bouncy castle?
  5. Would you use us again?

Your can leave reviews via our facebook page or through our contact page, looking forward to reading your feedback.

Thanks for reading - Mad Bouncy Castles

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