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Bouncy Castle Hire

Bouncy castle hire has been a popular choice for entertainment at parties and events for well over 30 years now. You can see why, children love to bounce. The excitement you see on the children’s faces when you arrive with there bouncy castle is priceless, and it makes the job of delivering bouncy castles so much easier, knowing your making the children's birthday the best it can be. Bouncy castle hire has moved along over the years, there is now a endless choice to choose from, the many different themes, standard bouncy castle, bouncy castle with slides, assault course, inflatable slides and many more. The price to hire a bouncy castle varies to where you are based in the UK, our bouncy castle hire in Northampton starts from £50 to £60 for a small bouncy castle, which are ideal for children's birthday parties. Price's can range from anything from £50 to £300, it all depends on which style and size bouncy castle your are looking to hire, and where you are based in the UK, obviously company's in city's like London, you may have to pay surcharges or high end price in the market, for the demand, and extra expenses the company may have, like storage costs, higher wages, congestion charge so on. But in smaller towns like Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, and Daventry the price is more depending on the size of the bouncy castle or slide your looking to hire, or if it comes with cool features like a slide attached, the bounce and slides which are now becoming the most popular choice, especially for parties in Northampton. Obviously the bigger the budget, and the more space available, your options can become endless, there is so much choice out there, like the new craze of disco domes, assault courses and even giant activity bouncy castles, which should be available to hire from company's in your area.

When your looking to hire a bouncy castle for your party, it's always best to find a reputable company who have many years experience, so they understand all the safety guidelines needed when instaling a bouncy castle safely for your party or event.

Signs of a trusted reputable bouncy castle hire company

Contact details: Full set of contact details, shows the company has nothing to hide and is always contactable when ever needed.

Onine booking sytem: This is a great sign, as it shows the company actually has the bouncy castles showing on there website available, and they don't out source work from other company's or use the pictures just to make there site look nice.

Tested bouncy castle: Very important, but what is tested bouncy castle? It is when the bouncy castle meets a required standard, therefore making it safe to hire out commercially, abit like a (MOT on a car). Bouncy castles must be tested by a competent person, to make a person competent to test bouncy castles, they must have the sufficient knowledge of all aspects of the bouncy castle industry, repair, alter and testing (not just experience in hiring), to then attend a training day and pass a RPII exam, so they have a full understaning and knowdlege of the required standards of the bouncy castle or inflatables being tested. But more importantly the company should keep a log and regularly inspects there bouncy castles to make sure they are always safe to hire, just like a car, bouncy castles can fail or brake with lot's of use, so good mantinance is most importqnt above anything else. You can understand more by reading our bouncy castle safety.

Pat tested electrical equipment: Same as the above, the electrical equipment has been throughly checked and tested by either a competent person or qualified electrian to make sure they are safe to use when out on hire, another good sign is if the company use the right extension leads which can handle the wear and tear of daily commercial use, with waterproof plugs and sockets.

Public and product liability insurance: This is a must, this covers the hirer and user for any accidents caused by the failure of any of equipment or bouncy castles on hire. £5 million is now the new bench mark in this industry, don't accept anything less. Please note: public and product liability does not cover any accidents caused via misuse on the bouncy castle, the bouncy castle must be supervised by an adult of 18 years or older to make sure it's used in the right manner.

Testermonials and reviews: the best recommendation has got to be from recent customers, so always look out for up to date reviews and testermonials on there website, Facebook page, Google+ etc, to see if recent customers have been happy with the bouncy castle and service supplied, and if they would recommend or use the company again themselves.

Associations: Being a member of certain associations like BIHA are good signs of trust, as these are very useful for information on all aspects of bouncy castle industry, they have some great tips and advice for there members to follow, making the bouncy castle hire comapny more knowledgeable in the industry and obviously safer company all round.