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Avoid cowboys

How To Avoid Cowboys.

We know how important it is for the bouncy castle to turn up. Usually it's the main attraction of the party. What if you went and booked a venue for your child's party and the bouncy castle doesn't turn up.

1. Does the company have public liability insurance? It is not a legal requirement to have it but it certainly puts your mind at rest. Mad Bouncy Castles have £5m public liability insurance for our bouncy castles.

2. How long has said company been running for? Do a whois check to see when their domain was registered.

3. Does the website only carry stock photos? This may suggest the company is outsourcing the work.

4. Find out whether the hirer provides pegs, safety mats, rain covers etc and also ask how old their equipment is.

5. Does the company have a website? Most of the top / best companies have a website.

6. Is the company able to tell you immediately if the item is available for a date? It may suggest they are our outsourcing if they always have to check and get back to you.

7. Type in the company name in to Google. Do any bad reviews pop up?

8. Check to see if the hirer is a member of the BIHA or TIPE either by asking them or visiting their website. These schemes have a code of ethics and are paid memberships so it's a good indication they're a serious operator.

Avoid Cowboys