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Bouncy Castle Safety

Safe bouncy castle hire - avoid rouge traders

Bouncy castle safety is very important to us, that is why we go above and beyond when it comes to installing our equipment safely for our bouncy castle hire service in Northampton, we include all below as standard at no extra cost for our valued customers.

  • We purchase all our bouncy castles brand new from the best manufacturers in the UK.
  • They are all made to the standard set down by the HSE BS EN 14960 : 2013.
  • We weekly inspect all our bouncy castles before they go on hire.
  • We only use full size 16 mm thick rebar steel pegs on all anchor points when used for outdoor use.
  • We only use artic waterproof cable extension leads which is specially made for outdoors use with waterproof plugs.
  • We always supply an minimum of 2 safety mats per bouncy castle (full coverage of 4 safety mats for indoor hire)
  • We are covered by £5 million product and public liability insurance for our bouncy castle and didi car hire service.

How to avoid a rouge trader bouncy castle hire company's, or as I like to say a social media or auction site hirer's. (Sorry about the big read).

  • Social media hirer: There are many repuctual company's on social media sites who hire bouncy castles, by repuctual company I mean they usually have a main link to there website and mainly use social media as a way of advertising and marketing there company to generate work. What I mean by social media hirer is when a friend says 'my mate Dave has a bouncy castle in his shed if you want to hire it" avoid at all costs, as these more then likely not insured and probably do it for cash in hand pocket money!
  • Auction site hirer: These are hirer's who purchased very old and very cheap bouncy castles online which are probably an ex-hire bouncy castle at the end of it's life, and start to hire them out, very risky, as old bouncy castles are prone to splitting and ripping due to the age of the material and thread. obviously why it was advertised as an ex-hire castle in the first place! They even advertise on the auction site, it will say something like this in the description 'Text Kate to book" avoid at all costs, as these more then likely not insured and probably do it for cash in hand pocket money!
  • Cowboy hirer: a blend of both above, usually someone has bought a bouncy castle or 2 from an selling site and thinks it's easy money at weekends, these really do cut cost's they will deliver the bouncy castle in there car and use some tent pegs to anchor it down, use an old carpet at the front, and a cheap B&Q extension lead to operate it! Obviously avoid at all costs, as these are more then likely not insured and probably do for cash in hand pocket money!

Every one loves deal, and it's human nature to go for the cheaper option, but would you pay a paper boy to come and put in a new boiler in at the weekend because it's cheaper? Didn't think so....

Bouncy castles are safe, as long as the equipment is upto date and regularly inspected, and they are installed by a professional and supervised in the right manner.

We earn our living in hiring bouncy castles, and we pride ourselves as being a safe, affordable and reliable company. We haven't just appeared overnight. Bouncy castle hire has been a family concern for over 30 years and personally for me the next generation in Mad Bouncy Castles for over 15 years.

My name is Luke, me and my wife Jodie are the current owners of Mad Bouncy Castles, I personally have been involved in every aspect of the bouncy castle industry, which includes Hire, Testing, and Repairing of inflatables. I have been fully trained on how to repair and alter inflatables to bring them upto the current HSE standards, attending a training day on how to test bouncy castles and inflatables, install bouncy castles safely, also I have passed an exam to test bouncy castles. If your looking for repuctual company with an compentent team behind it to hire a bouncy castle from you have come to the right place.

Thanks and hope this helps when deciding to book a bouncy castle for any future party's.

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