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14 September 16 - Helping customer's who have been let down by a cowboy bouncy castle hire company

This year we have had over 50 phone calls for last minute bouncy castle hire, sadly this is not due to customer wanting a bit of fun because the sun is out😎😎😎. It's more of a case of customers being let down on the day by other bouncy castle hire companies 😠😠😠on the day of there party, so they are now left scrambling around trying to find last minute bouncy castle for son or daughtersπŸ‘«πŸ‘«πŸ‘«birthday.

This really makes us very angry and it's so annoying, as being parents our selfs we really wouldn't want to be left in this situation.

The simplest way by avoiding this by booking with a reputable company who operate there company as a business and earn an living from it rather then abit of pocket money at weekends.

Definitely avoid:

  • If you cannot contact via phone.
  • They take longer then 24hrs to get back to you.
  • Social media hires or auction site hires who are not registered company's.
  • Avoid company's who are not based locally as these will not guarantee on time delivery, they also work on the base that they get enough work in one area so it pays to travel out of town otherwise they will just cancel the booking.

Many companies will be booked up a few weeks in advance, so it's near impossible to get a company to help out with last minute booking.

Book with reliable company's, maybe who friends or family have recommended is the best way of deciding.

Equipment fails, vans break down, staff get ill are all factors why companies let customers down, which usually is out of anyone's control.

But here at Mad Bouncy Castles are pleased we have had an 100% delivery rate πŸš›πŸš›πŸš› over the many years trading, even though we have experienced all the above at one point or another we have managed to get through it all and keep are customers bouncing happy on the day.

Let's just hope we can keep it up by maintaining our equipment, van's and keeping our staff happy and ill free to stay the reliable company we have becomeπŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’

Due to us being fully booked on most occasions we only managed to help out a few customers who got let down the the day πŸ™. So it's always best to book well in advance with the best companies to make sure your party goes with the bounce it deserves.

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